Why You Should Crosspost to Multiple Marketplaces

Crosslisting your listings onto multiple marketplaces is essential to success in the reselling business.

“Why is that?”, you might ask? The answer is simple: 1) distribution and 2) diversification.

More Listings, More Eyeballs, More Sales

More Sales, More Money

Distribution means more people see your listings. If you only list your items to Poshmark, only Poshmark buyers will get a chance to see your items. If you cross-list your items onto other marketplaces (notably Mercari, eBay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace), then more buyers will see your listings.

If more people see your listings, then your listings will sell faster.

Peace of mind with Diversification

Diversification means you aren’t putting all your eggs in one basket. While Poshmark is a great platform, I feel comfortable knowing that not all of my reselling income is coming from just one marketplace.

I like selling on many platforms. This reduces my risk: if my sales on one platform decrease, then I can still depend on sales from the other platforms.

How to Crosslist Quickly

Crosslisting quickly is important. If you tried to manually copy-paste all of the information from your Poshmark listings into eBay’s website to create new listings, this can easily take ten minutes per listing. If you want to list to Mercari, Etsy, and FB Marketplace as well, it could add up to 30 minutes per listing.

Using a crosslisting tool is the best way to list on multiple marketplaces quickly. Our recommendation is to use ListingJoy, currently the fastest and most reliable cross-posting tool. With ListingJoy, you can crosslist your items onto multiple platforms in two minutes flat, saving you hours every day.

See how it works below:

We recommend giving ListingJoy a try.